2016 VENUE

NSBE’s 42st Annual Convention in Boston, MA

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority


415 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210

(617) 954-2000

More Information

Please visit the NSBE website.

Travel Arrangements

Travel from NSBE Convention Site and Area Hotels to MIT

We have arranged for shuttles to take ARL participants to/from the NSBE Convention Site to MIT campus. Buses will depart from the NSBE Convention Site every 30 minutes from 7:00AM – 8:30AM. To return to BCEC for the reception buses will depart every 30 minutes from 5:30PM – 7:00PM. You can feel free to take any bus you would like, no need to pre- arrange for pick-up.


MIT Shuttle Stop - 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139

BCEC Shuttle Stop – 415 Summer Street, Boston MA 02210

Other Travel Arrangements

For those not staying near the convention center, you can take a taxi or uber to 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA and from there you can walk to Building 10 on MIT campus. Alternatively you can take the subway (the ‘T’) on the Red Line to the Kendall Square stop and walk from there to Building 10 on MIT campus. All ARL events on Saturday March 26th will occur at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) located at 415 Summer Street, Boston MA. Note that you will need to register for NSBE Convention in order to attend ARL Events in the BCEC.

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